Meet The Team

Home to New Living

For over three decades, Carriage Gate has forged a history of creating homes built on pillars of quality, dependability and award-winning craftsmanship. We’ve built a reputation as a forward-thinking developer and a skillful builder at the leading edge of design, quality and technology with an enviable reputation for integrity, approachability and exceptional commitment to our customers.

As a visionary company specializing in the construction of high-quality homes, modern condominiums, commercial developments and urban high-rise communities - we embrace the future, we appreciate the past and celebrate the dedication that has brought us to this point where we can ensure our commitment of being:

“Home to New Living.”

With over 46 years of experience, the talented team of 185 architectural professionals at Turner Fleischer embrace change, leveraging their collective talents to implement cutting-edge technological advancements within the industry. Their designs are renowned for their originality and freshness; their commitment to the environment and to the creation of residential communities that reflect their deep commitment to quality, creativity and progress.

Tomas Pearce is an international interior design firm that specializes in bespoke commercial and residential spaces. Recognized for their attention to detail and polished elegance, Tomas Pearce is a global source for inspiration and style.

Their interiors are bold and luxurious while at the same time being very livable. Their design sensibility is sophisticated and constantly evolving enabling the creation of spaces that are fresh, unique, and unexpected, delivering an unparalleled level of service and synergy that makes the design process a joy, from inspiration through to implementation.

Spectrum Realty provides comprehensive real estate services in the GTA. They are a boutique real estate service that has sold hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of real estate since their inception in 1992. They are one of the largest movers of residential properties in the GTA and have provided thousands of clients the most seamless real estate service possible.